by Nordic Hou

by Nordic Hou

Zebb’s Law


Fresh Food Daily

Whether it’s the fresh ground burgers, sizzling fajitas, best-in-town BBQ ribs, quesadillas or fresh cut french fries, you’ll love our freshness — because all of our food is made right in our restaurant.


Portions are excessive

Our portions, especially salads, desserts & fries are excessive because nothing succeeds like excess. If you can’t eat it all, we’ll be glad to wrap it up for you.

The Story of Swe Hou

The timbers may be stacked with spacers  between them. This process allows the moisture content of the logs to naturally fall as the timber dries. In areas of high humidity, it may require as much as one year per inch of log thickness to dry.

Arid climates may require less. A log with a diameter of 8 inches will usually reach equilibrium in about 18 months in the Rocky Mountains of North America.


Miles Away From Stockholm

Some log home companies let the fresh-cut logs (or milled timbers) sit outside in the open air to dry naturally.