Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

Can my coupon only be valid on certain days?

You can customize your coupon to be valid for whichever days you like, we just ask that they’re valid at LEAST 3 days out of the week as the coupons are only valid for a week. 

What if a customer wants to use the same coupon twice?

While the coupons do state that they are only good for one time use and expire a week after redeeming, every once in a while, someone may try to use it more than once during that time frame. The important thing to keep in mind is that your customer is becoming a regular, and chances are, they’re bringing along a friend to split the coupon with – so you’re really gaining two regular customers. 

Do my BOGO items need to be the same items?

No! Your coupon can be fore whatever items you choose. Our most popular coupons involve BOGO of equal or lesser value. Some merchants also choose to make purchasing extra toppings(pizza) or adding 2 fountain drinks to their requirements as well. At the end of the day, this is to promote customer loyalty to your business.